Friday, April 2, 2010

Been a while!

It's not that I've been lazy, I've just been proactive in all other areas of my life and unable to post any blogs! School has been keeping me busy, coming to the last couple weeks, and I'm excited to be done this year. More so excited for the next couple years. I decided to stretch out an intensive 2 year diploma into a less-intensive 3 year diploma. It will work well for me, because I won't get overwhelmed, and will be able to manage my time more, learn more, and produce better quality work. It's going to be a relief!

There's only one thing that bothers me lately. Slackers. You know, the kind of people that you look at and wonder, Why are you here? These people are usually late, usually produce poor quality work that looks like was whipped up the night before, hand in assignments unfinished, are extremely hard to work with due to their lack of work ethic, and almost ALWAYS have an excuse. I know what it's like to feel unmotivated. I know what it's like to not feel fully invested in what you are doing. I spent 3 years in university doing just that. But these people seem to want to be in fashion, but their actions don't really reflect that. Maybe they need to learn from themselves. I suppose I shouldn't be too bothered by it, their shortcomings make me look like a prodigy in comparison. I have to remember I am older and have a lot more life experience than they do though... everyone has to make their own mistakes. Still, it's frustrating when I have to see it, and worse yet when I have to work with them... I suppose we'll see who comes back next year.

I got to go to my first fashion show a few weeks ago, at Lethbridge Fashion Weekend, which featured the works of 3 of my instructors as well as one of my schoolmates, a second year who is extremely talented. It was tons of fun, I helped set up and serve drinks, and had the privilege - or should I say challenge - of picking the best dressed female and best shoe. I hope that I could become skilled enough to put my clothes on the runway. The year end student fashion show will be a good start, all the first years have to make a skirt, and I spent about 7.5 hours working on mine today, and made quite a bit of progress! If I could be done next week I will be very proud of myself. Maybe I can even try to get a model and do a photo shoot. Ah, it will have to wait until summer. Only a couple more weeks! I CAN'T WAIT.

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