Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fabric Quiz?

Not for school though! I found a "What Type of Fabric are You?" quiz on BlogThings, and I couldn't resist...

You Are Polyester

You are funky, flexible, and very modern. You like new things, and you're always on the cutting edge of trends.
It doesn't bother you that polyester isn't natural... some of the best things in life aren't natural!

You are all about style and looking good. You don't buy things that are meant to last, because you get sick of them quickly anyway.
You're not a snob. You have eclectic tastes, and you like many things. You don't rely on labels in deciding what you love

Neat! I suppose it would be true... although I think I like old things better than new things (like those old boots that I found at Value Village!)... I'm a sucker for vintage thrift store finds! I wouldn't know how modern I am, or if I'm on the cutting edge of trends... even though there have definitely been things I've seen in magazines that I've tried myself before even knowing it was "in" (I was convinced I was gonna be the one to bring back the fanny pack before I saw Sarah Jessica Parker rocking one!).

I definitely like to look good... don't we all? I've found for myself, looking good and trying to express my personality through my clothes makes me feel good. Although, I have multiple personalities when it comes to my style.... something my (AWESOME) instructors calls Schizo-Style (link to her blog here!). I very much so have eclectic tastes... one day I'll be wearing a cute girly dress, the next day I'll be wearing skinny jeans, a band tee and a bandana.

Who knew I could learn so much about myself from a fabric quiz!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Two of my loves combined!!!

Ahhhh!! Okay, so I am a bit of a tattoo collector... or at least, before I was a student I had started getting tattoos. I have 7 now, and plan on getting more over time... so yeah, I like tattoos!
Looking up some inspiration for a business card I have to make, I stumbled upon this Craftster member's sleeve!
It's not even coloured in yet and I'm just IN LOVE! The pin up girl with the corset, the vintage sewing machine, the dress form (kind of hard to see it on the side, but there are other pictures!). The floral print fabric that leads your eye around the piece.... Oh my gosh I wish this was on my arm right now!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pretty Pretty Prints!

As previously mentioned before, we finally got our first assignment in Industrial Sewing! As such, I have been doing a little bit of research on the trend my group chose: Pattern Play. For a fashion student I'm actually pretty out of the loop on designers, so I don't really know what other people are doing... I just know what I like, and I like when things that I like are popular and easy to find.
Here's just some pictures I found in my web browsing that I thought were fun.

Betsey Johnson Leopard Print Dress
I am a SUCKER for any animal print! The fullness of the bottom and the big belt make this look. I previously found another dress, only in pink leopard print, but it really wasn't as fun as this one.

Betsey Johnson Gun Dress
Holy, can you say "bad ass"? The colour is bold and I've seen a lot of it over the last year. And I'm crazy about the guns. I have a necklace that has a brass knuckle charm that would go so awesome with this. I may not like the price tag that may accompany this dress, but I would DEFINITELY rock it with no remorse.

Betsey Johnson Bird Dress
Cutesy! The print is a little elaborate, you might have to look closely to see the pattern. I love the silhouette. Perfect little date dress! Betsey Johnson, I am impressed. Something different on the runways than the usual high end couture is always refreshing. And it's comforting to know that someone a little alternative can succeed in a stereotypically posh industry.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Fall/Winter 2009/2010
The way this dress is draped and all the design details make this dress really fun. Normally I'm not a fan of pink, but this print is really interesting. Maybe it's the purple. Oh, how I love purple!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Fall/Winter 2009/2010
I'm surprised that one of the fashion trends isn't "bad ass". This dress just screams awesome. The style lines, the gathering, the leggings paired with the heels, the belt. I love.

Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2009/2010
I don't even know what to say here. I love everything about this outfit. The playing with prints, the boots, the tights (I LIVE in tights these days), the detailing on the jacket, the print on the skirt, the hat.... it's almost too much awesome for one outfit.

Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2009/2010
Ohhh, this one is stunning. I love the way it's structured, and whatever it is they have going on with the skirt of the dress.... paired with the leggings, boots, and the hats, this dress demands attention!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Disclaimer Time Maybe?

In light of my last post and the t-bagging, I realized I should probably warn everyone again to stop reading this now.
I doubt anybody does read this, but in case you are some poor sap to stumble upon this blog, You are jumping on to my train of thought. Destination, unknown. Pretty much all over the place. Slightly crude, and probably somewhat offensive to you more conservative types. Not saying that every post will contain profanities and mindless rantings, but some of them will. Maybe it's because I'm developing the mind of an artist, and really if you think about it, Van Gogh, Picasso - all those old guys are fucked.

Consider yourself warned.

"Are you not entertained?"

Dear Zipper:

I know it's been some time since I've sewn you, and it may seem like I forgotten all about you, but please just give me one more chance.
I lost my patience and decided to throw you across the room, as well as blurt obscenities and t-bag you. I know I acted inappropriately, but you made me do it. You were being so difficult, if only you just listened things wouldn't have come to that.
I'll see you again tomorrow, but if in the mean time you could do me a favor and sew yourself... that would be marvelous. It would certainly save you from having to explain the bruises again.

Kind Regards,

Soundtrack to Inspiration

So I'm sitting in the library doing my history re-drawing assignment, listening to my mp3 player, and figured it would be fun and help me stay sane, if I compile a little list of the songs I work best to, and songs that really make me feel inspired. Music trumps fashion for me, because of the way it speaks to me, but also because music influences my creative juiiiices!

1) Mad Caddies - Just One More
"No necesito la vida rica, estoy contento contigo" = "I don't need the rich life, I'm content here with you" I want that phrase tattooed on me. I've liked this song since it first came out back in 2003. Such a good band.

2) Against Me! - Joy
This is a slower, acoustic Against Me! song, compared to their faster stuff... which makes it very calming... and the lyrics are kind of uplifting, and makes me feel very optimistic about things. "There's a joy, a joy and I'll can see, a joy, in every possibility." And I can't begin to tell you how much I love Tom Gabel's voice.

3) Streetlight Manifesto- We Will Fall Together
Actually, this song just makes me want to dance and sing along to it! Such an awesome mix of horns and fast paced awesomeness. I could do cartwheels to this song. The music video to this one is really cool too.

4) Mother Mother - Body
Pretty much any song by Mother Mother. I think it's the fact that they're such a unique sounding band, that they just ooze creativity.

5) Le Tigre - Sixteen
Just a chill sounding song, easy on the ears. Makes for excellent background noise when I'm busy working.

6) The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
Another song that's just easy to listen to. I haven't listened to this band much, but I really like this song.

7) The Black Ghosts - Full Moon
The one good thing about Twilight (other than the books, the movies were not even close, even if the second one was slightly less crappy than the first..) was the soundtrack. There was a couple songs on there that I love, this one being one of them. Kinda folky, has some cool guitar and base, kinda ambient. I digs.

8) The Rebel Spell- Sullied Grave
Ahhh, The Rebel Spell. Punk band from Vancouver, BC. I've seen them live more than once. Awesome band, wicked song. Gotta love the "Woah's". If you listen to punk music and you haven't heard these guys, check them out.

9) Rocket From The Crypt - Venom Venom
One of my favorite RFTC songs. Pretty much radical.

10) NOFX - The Decline
18 minutes and 21 seconds of punk rock glory. I can't begin to talk about how much I like this song. I would quote lyrics, but there are lots to choose from. My favorite though, is "Living Through Conformity" something I'm toying with using somewhere down the line, I have it written down in my sketchbook. I'm going to end this blog on this one, and spend the next 2o minutes listening to this song while I head to the sewing lab.

This will have to be a two-parter!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Music always inspires me, and it's also my favorite when I'm working and totally in a zone, and I have a good background noise going. This band is AWESOME. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy and creative. They have so many good songs, but this one actually has a music video to go with it.

Finally have my first assignment to actually make a garment! I will be making a skirt. Working with 5 other classmates I have to take inspiration from different pattern trends. The fun part is, all our skirts are going to be different, but as in a line, there will be cohesive elements. It's exciting, but very intimidating! Doing my research, adjectives that come to mind are: "Bold", "Young", "Bright", "Fearless". Lots of florals, geometrics, and abstract/psychedelic patterns. Should be fun! Check out this fun design by Vivienne Westwood:
This chick just looks bad ass!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can't draw people.

I'm a creative mind, but not the best at taking those messy thoughts in my head and bringing them to fruition. I've gotten better, and definitely surprised myself this past semester... but I still can't draw people very good. The class I took for Fashion Drawing wasn't really helpful. I came away feeling like although I learned a bit, I didn't learn enough. But! Just because the class is over doesn't mean I can't continue learning via the internets! So I found a little dittie that really helped me figure out how to get good proportions, shapes, and poses for a 9 head figure. I'm not trying to infringe on any copyrights here, so this photo comes courtesy of Burke Publishing.

Random Question? Guess my answer was too long...

"The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:"

Once upon a time there was a frog named Cornelius. Cornelius was bald. He tried Rogain, but it didn't work. He thought about getting hair implants, but he didn't have insurance. So one day Cornelus decided to get himself a wig. But where does a bald frog get a wig? He must go to WHERE THE HUMANS ARE. Following the long rock to lighted mountains, Cornelius risked life and legs. Giant boxes on wheels nearly running him over! Finally Cornelius makes it to the city and hops around the streets. He kept asking everyone "Please, can you help me get some hair?" But nobody listened. At least they tried not to step on him. Just when he thought hope was gone, Cornelius looks up and sees all these little faces. A doll shop! Cornelius sneaks inside, and when the store owner isn't looking, he took his hat off and switched it for the wig on one of the dolls. He made his ESCAPE! and leaped for joy. "I finally have hair!" he squealed! Unfortunately for Cornelius, the store owner had security cameras, and began to chase Cornelius into the traffic! Cornelius began to hop forwards, backwards, left and right to try to get through the cars, he made it across, but then had to cross a river with crocodiles, logs and turtles on it! He almost got all the way across, but then his wig fell into the water. Cornelius went to reach for it, but fell victim to the hungry crocodile. And that, children, is why STEALING IS WRONG.

First Post Ever.

Hello future readers of my blog! You probably won't read this unless you see it in the archives. So I apologize in advance for any of my ramblings. I'm probably not very interesting (disclaimer!). I am a fashion student, thrift store aficionado, vinyl collector, and lover of music. Things you will see on this blog will consist of - of course - my thoughts, fashion and clothing, music, and any other random things that inspire me, make me laugh, or that I feel like I should share with whoever reads this.

Welcome to Rock It From The Crypt. A play off of the brand that I'm building, Rockette From The Crypt which is also on Etsy (on hiatus until I hone my craft and develop some sellable product - keep an eye out!). The name comes from a few things. A band called Rocket From the Crypt (music=inspiration), the Rockette's (a dancing version of a pin-up girl), and the concept of refashioning - so much clothing gets thrown in the garbage, why not put it to use into something exciting, and...Rock It? That's what I love about thrift stores, you can find such interesting one of a kind clothing, inspiration, deals... anything!

I'm in my first year of fashion design - and let me tell you - it's pretty much radical. Although at 23, I'm older than most of the students here, but it's not my first time on the post-secondary circuit.. at least this time I'm doing something I'm actually very enthusiastic about. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was 18, but really, looking back on my style and attitudes then, I'm glad I waited, and am now doing what I really feel like I was meant to do. Maybe you won't be seeing me on the cover of Vogue, or selling haute couture garments for an arm and a leg.. but that's not really my style anyways -as interesting as the high end lines of Yves St. Laurent and such are, I like to think of good clothing being a little bit more practical. But there's that feeling that you get when you find yourself doing something you really love. And you think to yourself:
I was made for this. That's how I feel about this.

I don't know what the future holds, and where my success will lie, but that's what makes it so fun. Never doubt yourself when you're doing something you love!

And with that little gem of wisdom, I will call it a post. See you cool cats later!