Saturday, March 26, 2011


I just wanted to share a little thing I'm trying out via tumblr, I'm trying to do a photo a day.. we'll see how it goes.
You can still look at my photography on my Flickr too!

Ghost to Coast

What'd you do when I was gone?
I pretty much just hung around.
Did you get any work done?
I said "no, I just hung around..."

I've got a lack of motivation, a lapse in ambition,
I sit and watch the fire burn and wish I could burn with it.
I've fallen by the wayside of pretentious young writers,
looking for inspiration in party time liars.

What do you do now that I am gone?
I spend most nights alone, singing songs in my room,
and all of them are for you.

It's an awful sinking feeling when your own heart starts stealing
reason from the mind. Some nights I dream of getting in my car,
and driving straight through the night.

You can't force a feeling and you can't conjure up meaning,
without perhaps believing that you're good enough.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Hardest Thing to Do

Yes? No? Maybe so?
Just tell me which way to go,
Tell me so I know
I know you're scared
So am I
But we don't know
We'll never know if we don't try
Sometimes the hardest thing to do is smile when you want to cry

Fight back those tears
Keep back those fears
You gotta be strong, girl
If you don't then who will?
I feel it in my chest
I try my best
I always have to fight
Looking for the light
at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes being strong is smiling through the tears
Sometimes, it's fighting through the fears
And sometimes it's letting go
Even when letting go
Is what hurts you the most.
Yeah, sometimes it's letting go
But I can't let go...
I can't let go..
I can't let..
I can't...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You can get Your Kicks in Mexico!

My tan might be wearing off, but I'm still coming off the post-vacation high from spending a week in Mexico. Most of the time we spent as beach bums. Our resort was right on the beach, a large but homey 3-star (all-inclusive),with brightly coloured buildings and lots of gorgeous and fun decor to give it a Mexican fiesta atmosphere - despite the majority of the guests being Canadians (escaping our brutal February, no doubt!). The ocean was beautiful, with a clean beach and warm, shallow waters. Every morning I would wake up early and try out the morning activity, which was either yoga, stretching, or tai chi - none of which I'd any experience in. The little 60 year-old woman from Quebec was in better shape than me.

But I really enjoyed doing yoga, I'd always had an interest in it, but never tried it. That's what this trip was all about for me - other than family bonding - new experiences. I tried yoga, tai chi, octopus, haggling with locals, blackjack, boogie boarding, ziplining, swimming in a river, holding a snake, feeding monkeys, sailing on a pirate ship.. and I would have done so much more given time and money! I loved going and walking outside of the resort... the fleamarkets, the buildings, the locals, it was great. I had never traveled further past the United States, and was blown away by how it contrasted Canada and how we live, for better and for worse. Mexico is definitely a poorer country, but don't let the negative publicity deter you. It was a beautifully astounding experience, and I feel like I've been bit by the travel bug.

Without further ado, here is just a teaser of some of the beauty I captured. More photos can be viewed on my Flickr, , with more to come as I sort through them.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fashion. Music. Love.

I have made my return from a week in sunny Mexico, and if it wasn't for all the people I love in this town I probably would have stayed! That place is amazing, and so laid back. I took a LOT of pictures, some of which will be edited and posted on my Flickr (check it out, I'm not half bad a photographer)... as soon as I can upload them to my computer. Currently, I'm having technological difficulties. I'm taking donations for a new computer... just saying.

Once I do have pictures up, I will devote a post to my love for Mexico, but in the meantime, lets talk a bit about what's been heating up this small Southern Alberta town.

Last night was Lethbridge Fashion Weekend, a small fashion show that was created by my very talented instructor, check her blog, Schizo Style, out here. It featured some of the local designers, but was not as big as it was last year, sadly two designers dropped out, and I didn't get my shatner together in time (or at all) to make my collection. Lack of motivation would do that. I neglected to bring my camera, which is dead from Mexico, but my wonderful colleague, Kat, took lots of pictures for her blog, The Visual Gerbil. Both blogs are much more interesting than mine, as they're probably not high when they write them. Not that I am right now... it's too early.
I digress.

Last week was the Oscars, and despite my lack of movie watching of late, it was fun to attend an Oscars viewing party and watch all the stars in their amazing dresses. My top 3 favourites?
Halle Berry in Marchesa
Photo via

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana
Photo via
And lastly...
Anne Hathaway in Oscar de la Renta
(one of her many dresses of the evening!)
Photo via

Also in blogworthy news, next weekend me and my fella are going to go to Medicine Hat to see.... wait for it....

....Drum roll please....


Photo via

I'm rather surprised it's playing in Medicine Hat, of all places... last year it was in Calgary, but I was still living in BC, and then when I moved here, it was in Vancouver. So this year, there is no missing it, and thankfully my significant other is just as big of a dork as I and wants to go too. Needless to say, it's going to be ridiculous.

In more exciting news, this summer promises to be a great one for music.
First up, April 1st in Calgary....
Photo Via
Anybody who knows me knows how much I LOVE this band. Anybody who's read my blog knows how awesome the last time I saw them was (SOOO RAD). They never disappoint, and every time it has been worth the trip - and then some.

Keeping with the Fat Wreck line-up, this coming June we have the self-crowned kings of candor, sultans of slander, Bastions of D.I.Y.....
Photo via

Taking off on their first coast-to-coast Canadian tour since the 90's, NOFX will be coming to Alberta, playing dates in both Calgary and Edmonton. Words can't describe how STOKED I am to see NOFX. I've never seen them before, and I've been listening to them for about 10 years. These guys have been doing this since before I was even born. Also touring with NOFX, are lablemates Teenage Bottlerocket (upbeat pop punk), and Old Man Markley (punk rawk bluegrass). If you live in Canada, check out the dates at any of the links I've provided!

Also coming this June, we'll have SLED ISLAND in Calgary. I didn't get the chance to attend last year, but apparently I missed out on a lot of awesome bands, so this year I will definitely be going, especially if any of the local bands go up there.

Wow, with all of these exciting things going on, I have spent about an hour blogging about it and now my coffee is cold! I didn't even get the chance to answer the questions that I was tagged to answer from Kat's blog. Next time!