Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fabric Quiz?

Not for school though! I found a "What Type of Fabric are You?" quiz on BlogThings, and I couldn't resist...

You Are Polyester

You are funky, flexible, and very modern. You like new things, and you're always on the cutting edge of trends.
It doesn't bother you that polyester isn't natural... some of the best things in life aren't natural!

You are all about style and looking good. You don't buy things that are meant to last, because you get sick of them quickly anyway.
You're not a snob. You have eclectic tastes, and you like many things. You don't rely on labels in deciding what you love

Neat! I suppose it would be true... although I think I like old things better than new things (like those old boots that I found at Value Village!)... I'm a sucker for vintage thrift store finds! I wouldn't know how modern I am, or if I'm on the cutting edge of trends... even though there have definitely been things I've seen in magazines that I've tried myself before even knowing it was "in" (I was convinced I was gonna be the one to bring back the fanny pack before I saw Sarah Jessica Parker rocking one!).

I definitely like to look good... don't we all? I've found for myself, looking good and trying to express my personality through my clothes makes me feel good. Although, I have multiple personalities when it comes to my style.... something my (AWESOME) instructors calls Schizo-Style (link to her blog here!). I very much so have eclectic tastes... one day I'll be wearing a cute girly dress, the next day I'll be wearing skinny jeans, a band tee and a bandana.

Who knew I could learn so much about myself from a fabric quiz!

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