Monday, May 10, 2010

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep.

The frightening thing today with Hollywood is the overwhelming number of young celebrities no older than myself (24 next month) going under the knife and getting plastic surgery.

Of course, the reason I am bringing this up is because of the non-stop chatter about Heidi Montag's "Revenge Plastic Surgery." I'm not sure which is more sad, her music career, or her frightening likeness to Barbie, or Michael Jackson... I'm not sure which.Gossip magazines everywhere have brought attention to Heidi's ten surgery's in one day. The only thing I can ask myself, is why?

What is so wrong with this....That you had to transform yourself into THIS?
It's wrong on so many levels. I normally don't pay attention to fame whores, especially those that haven't done anything particularly to gain that fame. Famous for being famous? Well, this certainly will keep Heidi in the papers for a while, which is better for her, since The Hills is finally ending (which it should have after Lauren left - that girl is the only reality TV star I have respect for), and her music career won't go anywhere.

I was pleased to see that InStyle magazine also wrote an article on this issue. Not just Heidi, young adults have been getting cosmetic procedures since nose jobs became popular.

I think I would rather age gracefully. I don't know what kind of message these celebs are sending, or why we even care in the first place, but something is definitely wrong in Hollywood, and it makes me hope I never get famous...

" Women have face-lifts in a society in which women without them appear to vanish from sight." ~ Naomi Wolf.

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