Tuesday, February 1, 2011

South of The Border

I should probably be designing my line, but I'm hard pressed finding the time between case studies, tests, work, and my social life. That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of my Mexicali collection that I began designing months (and months) ago.
But what's exciting is I may have a new source of inspiration: I'm going to MEXICO!
I get to spend a week at a resort just outside of Puerto Vallarta. It's my first time in Mexico, and my first time traveling to somewhere other than the US or other Canadian provinces. I am ridiculously excited.
And since I've been lazily neglecting this blog, I've decided to perk it up a bit by tracking down some Mexican-inspired fashion photos for all you fashionistas to geek out on. Try not to drool, I know it can be hard.Printed Canvas Bag, Prada
Eeeee, I WANT IT. Orange isn't usually my thing... but this is CUTE. If only it didn't have the $1,750 Prada insignia on it...

OPI Nail Colour Ad
Elegantly traditional.
"Huaraches " Sandals by Intuition
While I'd probably fall on my face wearing these shoes, it wouldn't stop me from wearing this fancy version of a traditional South American sandal, even if for only 20 minutes..
Ecote Embellished Chiffon Dress, Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters, please hire me? I love you.
Ecote Printed Silky Skirt, Urban Outfitters
I'm just going to take the rest of my pictures from Urban Outfitters, and dream of having a limitless credit card that I never have to pay back.
Ecote Batik Tank Top, Urban Outfitters
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BDG Hi-Rise Cigarette Jean, Urban Outfitters
Yellow highwaisted skinny jeans? Yes Please.
Betsey Johnson Mexicali Rose String Bikini Top
I love Betsey Johnson, and this is exactly why. Mexican inspired, embroidered, and bearing the same namesake as my collection.
Day of The Dead Skull Post Earring, Urban Outfitters
My favourite aspect of Mexican Culture, Los Dias de Muertos.
Leather Navaho Cuff Bracelet, Urban Outfitters
Yes to leather.
Bird Skull Ring, Urban Outfitters
Pretty much bitchin'.
Sweetheart Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters

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