Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That Binge Was Monumental!

I know making lists isn't traditionally proper blog etiquette, but if I was to write all about this last weekend, it would be one epic blog post. So, I present to you, my weekend, abridged:

4 year anniversary of local record shop, Blueprint
1 free show
5 great bands, including Lethbridge's own Cheif Mountain, Moby Dicks, and Fist City
1 weekend rental car
5 hours to Edmonton
4 friends from BC
1 friend from school
1 friend from Michigan
1 spot on the guestlist, compliments from said Michigan friend (Thanks buddy!)
The Flatliners & Against Me! under the same roof
Rock the fuck out, pissing of most of the people around me
Pizza and hangouts with The Flatliners
3 hours to Calgary
1 friend convincing me to go to the show in Calgary
2 shows for the price of one
Lose my friends before The Flatliners even play
Rock the fuck out even more!!
Backstage access, thanks to The Flatliners and their crew
More hangouts with The Flatliners
Getting to watch Against Me from backstage
Getting to meet 3/4 of Against Me
Free bong from The Flatliners
2 hour trip home becomes a 3 hour trip due to rain and dark
20 minute nap outside of a Super 8 somewhere in rural Alberta
3 hours of sleep
1 day of school to catch up on

.......Would I do it all over again?
Fuck. Yes.

1 comment:

  1. Haha sounds like a master card commercial!
    But...I don't think they'd really use that exact experience to get their message across.
    Regardless sounds like your weekend was well spent with friends!