Saturday, February 20, 2010

Necessity Becomes Fashion Accessory

If you're like me and are visually challenged then you know what it's like to spend $400+ on glasses. My last pair were Ralph Lauren transition lenses. But, those broke on an unfortunate day, and me, without my parents' usual medical coverage, couldn't afford to get another pair. But!!! There is hope!! Zenni Optical has $8 frames - no that's NOT a typo... EIGHT DOLLARS. So, I got 4 pairs for about $40, including a pair of sunglasses. All you need is your prescription and pupil distance The downside, you can't see what they look like on, and sometimes the prescription might not be 100% right. For example, out of my 4 pairs, there is 1 I wear all the time, 1 I wear sometimes (although it's kind of weird wearing them, takes some adjusting), and 1 I never wear because they make me feel cross-eyed. My sunglasses are great though!
I've thought about getting laser eye surgery or contacts... but I'm so attached to my glasses... I've worn them since I was in grade 3. So rather than fighting it, why not make it a fashion statement? With a website like this, it's fully possible! No $500 on glasses for me!
Here's some lovely pairs I'm looking at picking up for myself, the last pair my friend bought, and conveniently enough I was looking at them myself, and got to try them on!

Ahhh, so many choices, I can't decide!

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  1. Those zebra print ones are so you <3
    I fucking love it!