Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh My Marchesa!

I was flipping through my roommate's In Style magazine, and came across this beautiful Marchesa dress worn to the Emmy's by Olivia Wilde. We were recently assigned to design a Marchesa wedding dress for a Textiles assignment, and I really wish I would have found this photo! But since I can't cut it out, since it's not mine... I'm going to blog about it! The front is a little risqué, but the super dropped back with the pleats (?) and folds of fabric and lace is where it really sells me! It's such a beautiful dress... intricate, timeless, a work of art... oh, but you know... a picture is worth a thousand words!

1 comment:

  1. Isnt that how it usually works? Always find the good stuff after you dont need it.

    But I freaking love the back of this dress, the front is a little much for me though. Props to her for pulling it off.